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Welcome! To the BraveHearts guild website. This is made for guildies and new people looking for a guild, more information on progression teams, raid times, raid groups, and more! Just like WoW, this will be another home on the internet for you! So come on and check this whenever you please.

Story of BraveHearts.

BraveHearts! Created by Obsidianrain at level 20, he turned the BraveHearts guild into a progression guild that would soon and now is one of the best guilds on the realm. He and friends has turned this guild into a wonderful guild that does ICC 10/25 ToC 10/25 and RS 10/25. BraveHearts has grown, grown alot actually, to be a really large raiding guild, that is full on 10 man teams, and almost on 25. We raid during the week, and on the weekends. But ALWAYS starting at 7 pm SHARP!! (Realm time of course =P).

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BraveHeartsadmin, Aug 5, 10 7:19 PM.
Attendance, Attendance,and well Attendance. If your there on time thats great! But making the raids 80% of the time is best. Having you there means A) No pugging needed. B)More good things for you (Loot,xp with bosses). and last but not least C) XP with the ppl in your group. Thats KEY to making it easy and knowing how to raid with everyone.

Raiding with a Passion

BraveHeartsadmin, Aug 5, 10 3:19 PM.
BraveHearts is a raid guild. We are interested in all 80s but mostly in people who can play their class, and loves to raid witha passion. If your a person who is more social, questing person who doesnt raid that often, BraveHeats is NOT the guild for you. But if you are a person who raids alot and is looking for a guild, then BraveHearts is for you.
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